The Firing Of Star Jones

The internet is inundated with the news of the fiasco at The View . The war of words between Star , one of the show's host and its exec. producer , Barbara Walters , is getting ugly. Last night , Star appeared in Larry King's show and explained her side. Larry read ABC and Walters' written statement . Who's telling the truth ? I think Star was the aggrieved party here. Anyone who's been let go or fired by his/her company will sympathize with her. All the marbles are at the employees side .The suddenly ' jobless ' employee is helpless.
In today's world , the Star incident is repeated nth times . How many peeps are losing their jobs daily ? A lot. We can only guess . Unfortunately , some lose their jobs eventhough they worked really hard . Some put their full trust in the companies for years. You are lucky to retire in good condition financially and in good terms with your firm.


If I Have A Billion Dollars

I'm sure you've heard the incredible donation made by billionaire Warren Buffett to the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation . Something like $ 30 billion dollars. The biggest charitable donation ever . What would make a man do such thing ? Belief . Buffett is a believer of that ' we should not leave too much wealth to your children that they will see no need to strive '. I wonder how his kids feel? Actually , one of his grandkids was a guess by Ophra one time when she tackled the topic of super rich kids and how they spend their time. She was with the kiddo from the fame Johnson and Johnson fortune. Buffett's granddaughter was quite refreshing .She shows no trappings of enormous riches and in fact is working her way in the art business just like other peeps. Just like other peeps . I am sure she doea not have to worry whether she sells one artwork in her life !
In any case , I just find the subject of wealth interesting .If I Have A Billion Dollars ... so the song goes .


Fruits Of Summer

It was a busy weekend for the whole family. It's because it's the 1st weekend of summer . Summer is really great . I worshipped summer because of the ' long days '. You know . The sun is still up to 9 p.m..I just like the fact that you can stay in the backyard until the darkness appears. You can do a lot more stuff.
Another of ' summer treats ' are the fruits which are normally available only during summer . The strawberries are fantastics . Very soft and juicy. Bought a crate of it and some plums . In a little while, cherries will be available.We hope to do some cherry picking then . When I do that , I make sure my stomach is not full. It's because I eat cherries while I fill my basket with ' newly picked ' ones.
For now , it's strawberries a plenty. You can buy these at roadsides this time of the year. I have not experience picking strawberries but I assume it's backbreaking . It's much more fun picking fruits from a tree .


New Laptop

I was excited yesterday 'cause the cable installer readied my TV for the long awaited installation. The deal was good and I should have HBO and other channels soon . It took sometime to do the job. I was busy myself doing some computer work. Talking 'bout computer work , I am not sure about my pc's capabilities . I want to try you tube work on some video clips but I'm not sure how to do it. I'll try to learn it. I gave my son the new laptop which I am sure can handle tough stuff. My wife just bought it from Best Buy . It's supposed to be a college present once he starts going to university but I can't help but tell him about the new laptop. My son is very happy of course. He took it with him to his apartment and I'm sure bragged about the laptop to his girlfriend . My wife said I wanted to be the hero that's why I gave it in advance . Maybe.



My wife attended the homeowners association meeting yesterday arranged by the MV Homes.
People from different locations were there. She was supposed to be back in 30 mins. time but as the door was closed in the venue where the gathering was held, she had to finished the whole thing. She missed her fav TV show while I did not have my dinner 'till 10:00 PM. The only consolatin was she won 2 raffle prizes . A t shirt and a cap. She's wondering if our son will like the cap. It's black which is cool to young peeps but has the name of the builder on it. Actually , I kinda' like it .Maybe , I 'll just keep the cap.
She said she saw the coordinator there. The tiles in our new house is screwed up. I suggest , they just change the counter ( of one of the bathroom ) rather than re tile again. Less work and cheaper .However , the counter installer and the tile installer are 2 separate contractors . In as much as it's the tile installer's fault , it should be him to do the rework. What a shame .


Building A New House

It's funny when you are building a new house. Suddenly , you are into the nitty gritty of things. From the type of counters to the color of tiles. The wooden floor can be challenging . Looks like there's a million stains to choose from . I just gave up on making decisions. I let my wife do that . Of course , she makes sure to ask me.
Another transformation in me is the TV programs I patronize. Lots of home building and house deco shows are must see TV now. Spent hours and hours of watching them . Suddenly , Ty is your fav TV personality . You know , that exteme home makeover guy. I heard he's paid tons of money to do the program . There is a role model for little kids . Before , that's a definite no no for a career - carpentry. Now , it's not too bad . From the fun side .



Monday and Tuesday were kind of busy really. Busy watching TV and reading the latest issues of my favorite magazines.I hope to get satellite TV soon so I can watch HBO . I heard there are a lot of cool shows like Entourage . I caught a glimpse of the new show called Windfall in network TV. It's about the lives of different lotto winners . How they handled their new found wealth and how money changed their lives. It's a good plot or plots because I'm sure the winners handled them differently.
Some time ago , I came across a documentary about real peeps who won the lotto. Some of them more than the others. It's interesting. I sometimes , I hear of lotto winners not quitting their jobs despite the windfall . Crazy . What are these peeps thinking ? If I am their boss , I will ask them to resign . How do you handle peeps who have gazilion dollars ? Would they remain motivated ?
Imagine if you win the mega lotto. I will probably spend my time travelling around the world and meeting a variety of people. Nope , I will bring them over using my jet to see my mansion . It's better .


Try And Try Until You Die

The day started pretty well . And early. I caught the Nadal-Federer title match of the French Open. I was rooting for Nadal because Federer was too dominating for tennis . The Swiss beat everybody except the Spaniard Nadal. The 20 yrs.old clay specialist has a winning record against Federer. Something like 7-1. Poor Federer . He failed to win the French Open once more.Until next year for him.
I did some channel surfing actually . I watched This Week . The talk was about Zarqawi's death as expected .What I love the show is the Sunday Funnies. I always look forward to that.


Early Morn

Woke up early and had breakfast at Mc Do . What I like this time of the year are the number of cars with top down. I read somewhere that peeps who go around on their convertibles are reliving their youths. I must agree that a lot of them are 'older' folks. Maybe that's the case.

I wanted to see a Pontiac Solstice on the road . It's a great looking car !


Tony , Tony , Tony

I watched a film earlier and it was good. I am excited about the last episode of Soprano. My wife brought home a copy of it. I heard it was not 'violent' enough. Kind of lame for a series . There are just 12 episodes left which will be shown later this year . Then it's finito.


Sunday Watch

As usual , I started Sunday late . Woke up at around 10:30 AM and tried to catch the last of the talk shows . I managed to watch half an hour of This Week with George S. . Lame topics today . About gay marriage and the Bush plan which actually most of the invited newsmen find untimely. There are more important issues the US should worry about. like the high price of oil , immigration/border and the Irag war .


First Step In Publishing A Book

Last night , I listened to author Dale Brown. He is a best selling author specializing on novels touching on military exploits. I will check Brown's books .He is supposed to release a book a year.
His advice to would be author is just continue writing and don't be discourage. One is not supposed to submit your draft straight to the Publishers but to find an Editor. The Editor will arrange everything if they find your work OK. Good advice.