Words That Cut Like A Knife .

Alec Badwin is in a lot of trouble.His idiotic message which he left in his daughter's machine was released to the media by someone ( his estranged wife, Kim Bassiner , denied doing it ) causing angry reactions from just about everyone. His rant was no doubt idiotic as well considering they ( Alec and Kim) are locked in custody battle. That's not the point though.I was forced to look back at similar loss of control I exhibited as a parent when the boys were young . I'm no Alec but in fits of anger , I was guilty as hell. How do I correct these mistakes years after , I asked myself. It's important that I do that. Should I issue an apology letter like governments do now for wrong actions the previous ruling parties did ? I feel so guilty because as in recalling my mistakes as a parent flashbacks of similar wrong treatments I got from my parents as a kid came flooding my memory.How hurt I was then. Even up to now. Somehow the hurtful words seemed so fresh. That's why I'm not in agreement with a certain TV host when she used a line from a song to justify Alec's mistake . She said , ' stick and stones may break my bones but words don't bother me '. My parents' hurtful words not only bothered me .These words still haunt me .


Shock Jocks

Last week , there was a continous debate on Don Imus' pathetic remarks that resulted in his firing. Now, I can't watch him anymore in the morning at MSNBC to amuse myself. Imus seemed genuinely sorry for his mistakes but the firestorm created by his comments was just too much to 'let go' without his head rolling. I'm also a listener of Howard Stern before he went into sattelite radio. I remembered looking forward to hearing what Stern's outrageous distribes every morning Monday to Friday . He served as my antidote to a boring 45 minute daily car drive to work. I don't travel that long anymore to work so I stopped tuning in. Also, Stern was on free radio then .Why should I pay x dollars to listen to insults, moronic jokes and all ? Imus' show was a lot tamer. In fact, half of his stuff was legit/ serious talks as evidenced by those guests who appeared in his show 'Imus In The Morning'. VP Cheney, Ford , Al Gore to name a few participated in Imus' show before. Just goes to show that sometimes, stuff like the things that Stern and Imus spew are borderline . These guys must realize that in this politically correct world, the joke is sometimes on them !


Things Move On

It's funny that sometimes you think that things will remain the same.They don't.The only thing constant is change. It's proven time and time again.There was this female friend of mine who was in love with a married guy.I would'nt say she's madly in love but he adored the guy very much.Then the guy decided to say goodbye to her when he transferred location.Naturally,she's heartbroken.She decided to go somewhere to try her luck in another country . I'm sure she did that too as she to forget her lost love .Fast forward 8 years after. I received an e mail from her.She said she is doing very well and that she got a new condo with a clubhouse . She also wrote that she got a great job and is very pleased with how things turned out for her in the new location. ' Life is good ' she added in her e mail.
I thought about the girls in my past who swore that they will die if I leave them or something like that.It's safe to say that they are alive too and doing a good job as mothers to their children residing in their beautiful homes somewhere !


Laptops And i Pods.

Yesterday, I watched a PBS docu with my 2 sons about the the baby boomers.I've seen a lot of docus about the '60's and 70's generations but this was extra special because I watched it with the boys. I want to get their reactions if any. The eldest one was kind of into these shows and as expected,he was glued to the television set as I was.He nodded and sometimes shaked his head and even loudly voiced his disbelief at the things he found weird and objectionable.I am somewhat reminded of the times that I watched TV with my father (which was practically all the time in the age of one tv for the whole family) .Other times,we listened together to our RCA stereo. I missed those days.The father and son moments.My father was not much of an outdoor guy or active sports guy so tv watching was 'our thing' together.
These days,watching tv together is rare. Instead , the kids are into their own laptops or iPods. That's why, on the way back to their school residence i.e apartment, I interrupted their use of their laptops by asking them to play 'oldies' if they have any stored in their respective computers.' Yes ' the young one said to his bro. ' Dad will like this '. He then played The Beatles ' Across The Universe '. The elder soon followed and played a song by Johnny Cash that I don't even know. Good . ' Those are expensive tv/stereos ' I said to myself.