Mattel Apologizes To China ? What For ?

I was surprised to read the news that the head of Mattel, the biggest manufacturer of toys in the world, has apologized to China about the recent fiasco caused toy recalls.What the fuck ? China is poisoning our kids by the use of excessive lead in the paints for toys.Why say sorry, Barbie ? Mattel should apologize instead to all the parents and kids whose health they put in jeopardy.Mattel should be sued.China and Mattel showed negligence if not criminal wrongdoing.As of now,there are still loads of toys needing checking if not outright destruction.I hope Mattel and toy distributors won't dump these defective stuff in some Third World countries.


Sally Field Is Alive .

I watched the Emmy Awards last night.One of the surprise winner was the long time actress Ms Sally Fields.It's nice to see her revive her career.I must admit her TV show is not appealing to me but I always see her in ostepuousis commercial.She is much admired in the industry. Two (2) Oscars for films such as Norma Rae and Places In The Heart. Ms. Fields said something in her acceptance speech which was censored.Very likely it's about the war in Iraq.Too bad the TV and the live audience missed it. By the way, why are Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart silent about it ( the Iraq War) during the award?I remember them being very vocal about different political issues in their own TV shows.A case of no balls gentlemen?