My Elusive Dream

I don't know why I've been having these dreams lately . The funny thing was these dreams were about the same person . A high school classmate . OK . a female h.s. classmate. She of the beautiful face and quiet personality .She's not aloof but nevertheless guys seemed afraid to approach her including yours truly . And so in these dreams , I see myself befriending her and I think we even fell in love .
It was impossible for me to go after a girl in my younger days . I lacked confidence then and was afraid of rejection . Unless a girl showed interest in me , I will not go after her . Even when I'm head over heels in love with a girl . So , I suffered from broken heart many times in the past and in silence. So , I told my sons to go for it . That it is better to try and fail than not to try at all . I wished somebody gave me the same advice in my early days so that I would not dream about her now . Instead , I'll be sharing the bed with her and we'll be dreaming together !


Surge Your Azz

Hey . another fun word from the ' Decider ' . Pres. Bush is hellbent on escalating the war , I guess . As of this moment , additional US troops are on the way to Irag despite what the message of the last election . I must admit , Bush is one tough honcho . He never get swayed by polls . I wonder 'though if he is the parent of a military boy , would he make the same decision ? Oh how times have changed . During the Vietnam War era , numerous student protests vs. the war went on . Now , students are 'tame' or maybe because there is no draft yet ? I predict 'though it's only a matter of time before the US imposes one . Why ? The military would be s t r e t c h e d if the US fights Iran and maybe N Korea ! I don't think our present military can handle all these 'wars' . By then , it won't be a surge anymore . It will be a landslide and Dubya will be out of office . That's Barack Obama's problem !


Rosie Vs. Donald

It's interesting how the Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trumps's battle of words has caught a lot of people's interest including yours truly . It kept me glued to the TV waiting for Rosie's views on her TV show, The View every 11:00 AM and in the early evening at 7:00 PM for Trump's response to Ms. O'Donnell's tirades in Entertainment Tonight . Finally , for a recap of the blow by blow account and analysis of the 'fight' at Fox ' Greta S. show at 11:00 PM . My day is not complete if I miss any one or worse , all 3 shows . Last night , one actor said Rosie is winning the war of the world. I mean , the war of words . Another actor said otherwise .I think , both of them will end up the winner . The ratings of The View has skyrocketed while that of the new edition of The Apprentice is said to be doing alright . Just a while ago , a news report said that there's talk about reviving the now defunct Rosie O'Donnell Show . As I've said , in the end , no one loses . No one dies. After all , talk is cheap . Unlike the Iraq War !