Long Lines For Electronic Gadget

I was astonished how some , make that many people , will go through to get the new Playstation. In our local Best Buy store , a long line formed a day before the PS3 was made available for sale . Not only in US ( photo showed line in Taiwan )
' Did they sleep overnight in front of the store ? ' my wife asked in bewilderment . In other areas , the news said that stampedes even happened . Like in Walmart in someplace . Unbelievable . I guess , a lot of parents want to make their kids happy although some enterprising folks eventually sell theirs at eBay for twice the price they paid for .
' Did you buy your son one ? ' I asked Ziggy , my friend. ' Absolutely not. Not ever ' he answered . He then explained why . Apparently , he bought his son a Playstation before and the son was ' addicted ' ( Ziggy's word ) to playing it . ' I'll probably do the same thing ' he then added . I guess it's true. Some countries in Asia banned arcades where these games are featured. I played video games ( as they were called then ) before and it was a lot of fun really . You just keep playing . More so of today's games . The games now are in HD and the graphics are mind blowing . I don't know if I will start playing electronic games again. Right now , I am trying to master electronic casino games !


Election Hangover

I came across this wonderful poem about the recently concluded US election . I think it's really witty that's why I 'm sharing the post with you whether you are a Democrat or a Republican !


Outsourcing The Future

Why the hell did American businesses came up with the idea of outsourcing? The other day , I read the news that 'outsourcing' will save American firms about $ 50+ billion in the future . That not only manufacturing , telemarketing , animation and similar jobs are going overseas. In the near future , HR , Engineering , medical etc jobs are in jeopardy . I told my 2 sons to carefully choose the professions they would enter . This was 4 years ago when my eldest was just starting college . I pointed out to him the jobs likely to go overseas then. I don't think the list of prospective jobs in danger of being outsource is the same now . A lot has been added to the list . In the future , what's left to Americans are low paying service jobs . Darn .
That's why China has the most number of billionaires according to Forbes magazines . Opportunities abound in that country that once banned individual wealth . I once visited Shanghai like 10 years ago . There was a sprinkling of modern buildings then . Now , it is sprawling with modern buildings of all kinds . Some are mansions of young rich Chinese. One thing is sure , these young Chinese never have to worry about outsourcing . Except when they are in Las Vegas !