Wildfires In San Diego.

San Diego is a wonderful paradise . A little more expensive than most of the country but awesome in beauty and weather. I went there once one a tour with my family to visit the famous San Diego Zoo , its military base and the 'old' SD with Mexican influence still very much alive.I was also in SD several times to conduct business .I found San Diego pretty laid back.One time, my business associate took me to show his 'former' home located in Ramones which is one of the area affected by the horrendous wildfire.He was separated with his 'evil' wife then but not divorced .I gathered by talking to him in our nightly conversations ( I stayed with him in his mother's condo) that he was not happy to be booted from their former home in Ramones. I wonder whether the wildfires burned his home ( or is it hers now ?) there. More importantly , whether he was happy or not . Probably , happy !


Ellen Degenerate

Ellen DeGeneres was crying on TV like a thousand guys devirginized her .Ellen was in tears because a dog named Iggy was taken away by the pet adoption agency from her hairdresser's daughter. The agency said the transfer was illegal because it did not pass through it. Ellen overacted by crying in front of TV viewers . It looked like she was using the media to pressure the not for profit agency to give back the dog.Doggone world ! Talk is cheaper.Use it.


Rudy's Own Mafia.

What is happenning to Rudy Guillani's former people ? Some of his ex staff members when he was the New York's city mayor are beginning to drop like Paris' and Britney's panties.Bad for Rudy's run for the Republican nominationIf Guillani made it as his party's presidential bet,one can be sure that his opponents will exploit this.The Democrats will say that Guillani is not fit to be a Presidentbecause he makes bad choices !


Shoes Galore

I have a problem.I am thinking of building a container to house my wife's shoes in one area.Normally, this is an easy job.However,this is not one of those run of the mill project.The reason is simply because my wife's shoes number to gazillion! There are shoes eveywhere in our house.The coat closet,the kitchen,the furnace room,the storage area,the garage,the laundry room and of course , her closet.I kidded my wife that now I know where my money went.I told her that if she sells her shoes,she will have enough money to buy her desired new crossover car! I assume I need a wallful of racks to house all her shoes.It's time to buy instead of built the .....shoe bank !