Casino Royale

This weekend , we went to a casino. It was exciting after all , it's been a while since I last visited one. I noticed that the nearby casino has begun to do it the Las Vegas way. It now regularly books entertainers . On the list of entertainers to perform soon are Michael Bolton , Donna Summers and The Temptations. Not bad.I want to watch Bolton do his thing. His strained voice is kinda cool to me just like another oldtimer Rod Steward. I especially love Bolton's version of the Beegees' To Love Somebody. It's my favorite Karaoke song. Besides, the wife likes to see Desperate Housewife , Nicollette Sheridan who is Bolton's partner right now. Nicolette is a longtime fav of hers from her Melrose Place days. Don't you love that. Just like recycled clothes, these performers never grow old. They remain part of our youth , plastic surgery and all. BTW , I lost.


The (Un)Joy Of Gardening

Here we are again. The time of the year when one prepares the tools for gardening. Really ? Not me.My gardening days are over.No flowers, no vegetables and as little work on the dandol... I mean , the green green grass of home. As you may recall , to those of you who still follow my blog, we just completed our first full year in this new place. We should start the landscaping and the like , right ? No.I don't intend to make the same mistakes I made 5 years ago when I planted tress left and right.WhenI built vegetable boxes for different kinds of veggies .When I had flowers galore coming out of my azz .Now we will have the minimum.This is what I told my wife.

1. cheery tomatoes ONLY for veggie and in a pot or 2 .
2. mostly perennial flowers ONLY of minimum nos. and kinds.
3. definitely NO trees 'cept in house ones i.e bonsai or mini orange tree.
4. no daily watering of the grass so these greenies won't be accustomed to H2O.
5. patio should be for use reading. If want to see a garden , I'll go to a nearby park.

Those are the rules I laid down to my wife and me to follow . Gardening should not take 1/4 of our time. Poor me should have time to blog.


Trophy Wife.

I just love the Wind Beneath My Wings .I remembered 1st hearing about it in the movie Beaches starring Bette Midler..Ever since I saw the movie , I became a big fan of Ms. Midler and of course the song . The song never fails to bring a tear or 2 in me . I know it's not manly to admit it , but that's the way it is, macho man .That's why it's hard for me to understand why some men end up dumping their wives after they reached a certain amount of success. Their wives were with these men when they are still nobodies. As the saying goes , a woman is behind every sucessful man. Definitely so true with big business people. Jack Welch , the former big boss at GE , did it. Donald Trump did it. There an endless list of former first wives. It's funny that Bette Midler was also in the movie , First Wives Club .
In Asia , most successful men don't dump their 1st wives . They just get another one and keep her on the side as well as the original wife. I wonder if my wife will rather that I keep a 2nd woman or replaced her with a trophy wife ? Just asking .