Expensive Buying Habits

One of the things my wife was very proud of is the fact that our 2 boys are not brand conscious. No brand names for clothings are OK to them . ' I would buy them shirts and pants from Walmart and sometimes Sears and they won't mind ' she bragged to our friends .That was until lately . They changed a lot when they entered separate universities . I guess the ' influence ' of new friends , the internet and the school itself have changed their buying habits. Here's how .
My yougest son now buys a lot of cool stuff via the net . Several weeks ago , he asked his mom to buy 6 t-shirts for him and his friends which they will pay later . No problem with that except that buying through the internet is now becoming a habit for this son of mine .Net buying is more expensive and there is no haggling which my wife likes to do !
The eldest son is a different case alltogether. He has refrained from ' buying from countries that exploit labor and the like.'' Made In China' clothes are a definite no no for him . One time , while shopping together , I showed him a nice jacket and said ' This one is from the Phillipines . That country has strict labor laws '. My son answered ' Yes , but they have child prostitution over there ' . We ended up buying a far more expensive Italian made item even when I told my son that Versace probably employs illegal aliensl !


I Get The Hint.

I'm sorry I'm not able to keep my blog updated lately . I have to do some trips . Anyway . I 'm back home to find the place all spruced up for the holidays . Of course , it's the month of December , silly me . My wife started with putting the light outside ' cos she better do it before it becomes too cold ' . Of course . She added a new one in our display this year . It's a prelit X'mas tree for outside use which she placed in the porch .That's the 1st few days of the Christmas month .
The 2nd week , she did all the interior decorating - the big X'mas tree, the stuff in the fireplace and just about every nook and coner of the house .As she was placing some decorations for the basement, she put some extra decos on the computer table . ' Why so much decorations on my computer table ' I asked her . She hesitated then replied ' That's so you won't forget my Christmas gift this year . I saw a good one at Kay's Jewellry '. I knew all these work will cost me something big !