Rehab , Et Tu !

Why is it that going to a rehab center has become very fashionable ? News of movie stars , politicians , sports stars and even non stars going to rehab are all over the news . Britney shaved her head , then she goes into rehab . Mark Foley embarrased himself , straight to rehab . An ex basketball star who said ' I hate gay people ' followed by a tsunami of criticisms , was adviced to go to a rehab .Somehow , going to a rehab is the cool thing to do . I got the feeling 'though that a lot of these people just used the rehab thing as some sort of an excuse to shield themselves from media attention . There is this young star , Lohan , who enters the rehab every night and comes out of it during the day . What kind of a rehab center is that ? In the old days , we call such a place , a hotel !
I just hope this rehab center thing does'nt become a trend among us ordinary people . I am afraid 'though that it will . Next thing you know , rehab centers will be right in every mall and locations near you .You'll see teens doing what their idols do. Wait . It just give me an idea . I should open a rehab center ......... with me as its 1st patient ! Cool .