Mid-life Crisis

This time , my friend was talking about a very nice girl he met a few days ago on the job. The girl she said was 'hot'. In a sort of way.Not teenager hot or Paris Hilton hot.More like hot for middle age guy like him. ' I kn0w what you're thinking ' he told me. Does he ? ' I won't do that . I don't want to hurt her ' my friend said. She is young (28 yrs. old) and still single.My friend is that the married one who wants to kick his kids out as soon as they reach 18 years old.
Somehow,I don't believe him.Like a cobra , he is just waiting to pounce on this girl when the right time comes.My boss called his actuations as that of a man undergoing mid-life crisis.Funny.I do'n't know what age mid-life crisis begins (and if everyone will have one).I was thinking, if 40 is the new 30 age wise, should midlife crisis be much later now? Just curious.


Kida Don't Live Here Anymore .

The other day , a friend of mine was telling me that he is getting ready for the day his kids are no longer living in the house with him and his wife . ' I've finished 2 rooms in my basement and need only to put a bathroom and a small kitchen ' he boasted proudly of his developing plan. My friend has 2 boys who are now in high school . He expects them to leave when they reach 18 years old . ' When they are working already , they can stay with me if they chose to but they would have to pay the rent ' my friend said matter of factly. It may sound 'cold' but I guess that's just practical thinking. I remember this movie about a man and wife wanting badly 'to kick' their 28 year old son out of their home even resorting to an outside consultant to help them do it. The consultant was the star of Sex And The City . I guess , it's possible to happen . No, not the hiring of a consultant but the kids staying up to their late 20's or so. Why not ? They get free board and all the amenities of life ! ' It's better if the kids know what's ahead ' my friend finished his statement .


Sweet Dreams ZZZZZ

Snoring is got to be one of the main irritants between a husband and wife . I can't really say that snoring is the cause for some to dissolve their marriages , but I won't be surprise if it is . When I was a little boy , I hear jokes and read cartoons about a hubby snoring loudly . I found out that these jokes on your better half snoring loudly are really true . Sometimes , too loud to be funny . I teased my wife of her loud snoring but she bounced it back to me . I can't really tell if I snore but my wife knows that she snores . It good that I really don't mind her loud snoring except when I am watching tv while lying on our bed . With the tv volume low , her snores drown out the tv sound completely . I cannot turn up the volume 'coz it might wake her up . That's why I put up the captioninstead. It's not the best way to watch Jay Leno believe me . You missed the punch lines most of the time !


Thank God It's All Over . Is It ?

Anna Nicole hugged the headlines for sometime . Even MSNBC and Fox networks devoted 3 full days of their telecast time to covering the court trial . I must admit it was very riveting television .All the characters involved in the case especially the judge were made for tv . I am glad though that it's over ! Anna Nicole was buried finally last week .
What about the paternity case ? I have enough of anything that has to do with late Anna Nicole .I can't stand another minute of her case although Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition always have daily dosage of AN news on their programs .One thing though , the Oscars did not even include AN when a narrator cited the names with photos of industry people who passed away last year !.