Obama-Wright Relationship

The talking heads cannot seem to stop talking about Obama's 'misteps'. The Rev. Wright's anti-American rant is hounding Obama up to now.Why not. He was associated with the fiery pastor for 20 years .I should say , Obama is still connected with the pastor. He won't disassociate himself with the 'racist' pastor.Now Obama made the mistake of calling his grandma a typical white woman.The more he tried to explain himself of these boo boos , the deeper he sinks.Shut your mouth Obama. No comments,no mistakes.
Only the so called intellectuals appreciated the race sppech that Obama gave in Philadelpia.The ordinary people more importantly the independents in PA,Ohio and West Virginia are not impressed.They want him to cut his ties with Wright or else they will cut his ties with him in this coming elections.



I'm tired of the cold weather and the white stuff all over my front yard.I am sick of plowing the snow every other day.I am bored of looking at my backyard enveloped in white and covering the grass and plants.In short,enough of the winter weather.Send in springtime pronto.Unfortunately,my wife said winter is up to March 24 and it's only the 2nd of March .
I wish that I am in Miami or LA this time of the year.Lucky bastards those living in warm weather.They don't have to worry every morning about cleaning their cars before going to work.Sunny days are what we need now in New York.I can't wait for sprngtime !