Special Gift This Christmas.

This X'mas , one of the hottest gifts is a GPS navigator.Everybody seems to want one.Staple has one brand which sold out in a jiffy this Saturday.I think it is one of the greatest gadget invented the last few years.My friend rented a car when he went to Europe last month and he credited the GPS in the rented car for making his driving there flawless.My friend did not get lost inspite of his newness to the places he visited. No need for paper maps .The only thing that is wrong is when the road is under construction. He got to find another way .That's the advantage of an On Star system fitted in most GM cars.They are up to date and live.I always get a kick out of talking to the On Star live operator .Beats listening to a taped electronic voice.


World War III ?

It's really embarassing that the Bush Administration fumbled again . This time on the nuclear program of Iran.The report from NIE that the Iranian halted their nuke program in 2003.What this talk about WWIII by the President last month if the Iranian will not stop developing the fucking thing ? Ms. Perino had a hard time explaining the confusion caused by the latest news.This is typical of the Bush Administration.No wonder we Americans are finding hard to find believers in our intelligence report anymore.