Thanksgiving Amen.

There are a lot to be thankful for despite the uncertainty of times . My experience is that you really appreciate those things that you sometimes take for granted until you lose them. Anyway , some good stuff that I am truly grateful for are :

1. My favorite TV shows . Meet The Press : Sportscenter : Holmes On Holmes : All Discovery shows except kid and medical stuffs ; American Idol ; Simpsons and many others.

2. My newly reno basement . I have my own mini gym and theather room now. Wow ! I really like it. No more going to 'Y' .More viewing pleasure. Wait till I buy a new plasma TV . Next project is adding a micro mini casino in the basement !

3. Our new car . We just love the GMC Acadia. It's a pleasure to ride on it everyday.It's the closest to an SUV .Thanks God to the car manufacturer for the crossover vehicle.

There are many others that we need to be grateful for but none more important than the fact that I am still typing away my blog ....


What Is Next ?

I was surprised to see people logging in their dog's activities in a social networking called MyDogface.After My Space and Facebook , this now the latest 'in' thing to do.More than a million people are regularly participating in this latest of social networking.This is another very dangerous situation for parents and now, dogowners.What if there are sexual predogtor lurking the net ?How do I protect my dog from pedogphile who lures young dogs to a dog park and molest them.I have to install a dogblocker to my pc now.Doggone world !