Papal Visit

It's so nice of the Pope to visit the United States during the election year. What surprise me is none of the candidate has taken the opportunity to have a tete a tete with his holiness. Se. Mc Cain has been with the Pope but outside USA.Maybe none of them are eager to see the Pope.Maybe they think the audience with the Pope will alienate the Muslim,Jews and other non Catholic voters.There is one funny moment in this Papal visit.It happened when the Pope completed his speech . President Bush stood up,shook the Popes hands and said ' Awesome speech ' to the Pope.
What is wrong with Bush ? He could have chosen a more dignified and statemanlike compliment,dude !


Becky said...

He could've and I wouldn't put it past him to say, "Where did you get that little hat?"

Amboy said...

dubya is hip !